My Story

I am a forty-something woman who came kicking and screaming into the my spiritual gifting.  God laughed a lot at my strong denial and unwillingness to have anything to do with the prophetic. The joke’s on me, because here I am, blogging about my journey as a Christian gifted in prophecy.

I am also married to a man  who supports my gifting even though he doesn’t understand it. That’s okay, most of the time I don’t either.  It’s not easy to be married to a prophet. It’s also not easy to be married to someone who doesn’t understand. We make it work. Most of the time.

This is my journey. I’m not in this to enlighten or to proselytize.  I need a space to process what I’m learning, how this impacts who I am, and how it impacts my relationships, including my marriage.

No journey is complete without drama and conflict. My life has been full of both in various forms: me against myself, me against others, me against God. Less so me against nature, but never say never, right? The cast of characters on the stage that is my life is vast and varied. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Welcome to my world.




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